July 07, 2006

the EU is rubbish

Ah the EU, our economy couldn't possibly survive without it is the most common explanation of why we carry on surporting this thing despite it condemning Africans to poverty and preventable death. But with the reams of regulations that it spews forth and its trade crippling tarrifs it is better to ask, how can our economy possibly survive with it? The lastest is a tarrif on plastic bags among other things:
the British Retail Consortium says the bag tariff will raise leading UK supermarkets' costs by £61 million a year. This, of course, will be passed on to consumers, to add to the £25 that the children's shoe tariffs will add to the cost of shodding the average sprog.
Wealth is not money but rather wealth is having things that you want, a view presented better than I can by Paul Graham, whatever they may be (physical things, spiritual enlightenment, emotional forefilment etc.). Money being simply a convience to make exchange easier. Access to cheap imports therefore makes everybody wealthier as they can acquire more of the things that they want. So what the EU is doing is making everybody less wealthy in order to further the interests of a select group of the politically connected. But then socialism is deeply embedded into it so what can you expect.


This piece of research from Stumbling and Mumbling shows that not only do taking the exports of poor countries make us wealthier, they are the best method for poverty reduction. It should be remembered that the EU is not a free trade area, it is a customs union. It was designed to protect internal trade from the rest of the world. However it may hurt the everybody the EU will never give up it's protectionist instincts. So we at least should leave, to speed up it's collapse.


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